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Telephone and DSL
What to pay attention to


Most tenants prefer furnished apartments which have internet. Telephone is less important, since everybody has a mobile phone and foreign calls can be made via Skype. 

There a numerous providers for DSL and telephone connection, telecommunication as well as cable companies. '
If you would like to get a contract yourself and not through us, please note: 

  • It does make sense signing with the cheapest provider. It is better to pay a bit more and to get a good service. 
  • We recommend Deutsche Telekom, flatrate for telephone and DSL for 39,90 Euro/month. You get a voucher worth 100€ if you order online. With Deutsche Telekom, you can block mobile, foreign calls and other calls that go extra. With other providers, this is not possible. If your apartment is managed by us, we won't be able to write phone bills for tenants. It is better to offer a flatrate for calls within Germany and DSL and having cost control.
  • We do not recommend to order DSL 1000. You can get it for about 10€ per month, but for tenants who will use the internet frequently, this is far to slow and not state of the art any more. 
  •  With Deutsche Telekom, it is also possible to arrange, that the technician comes at the specific time - they will also call in advance. With other providers, you are expected to be at home from 8.00-16.00.