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Buy- to- let Apartments in Berlin 
What you should pay attention to

Easy maintenance

Everthing should be easy to clean, wash and to maintenance
- no wooden kitchen countertops
- no sofas, chairs etc covered with white fabric
- no floors with wall-to-wall carpeting
- no white bed linen or towels
- quality cookware  made of stainless steel
- quality furniture which still looks good after some time
- quality electric devices with good after-sales service

- bed, preferably double bed, no sleeping sofa
- quality mattress is very important
- mattress cover
- duvets and pillows which can be washed, not feathers
- quality bed linen (non-iron, not in white, Jersey or Seersucker in summer, Biber in winter)
- wardrobe, no clothes rail
- blinds or curtains to darken the room

Kitchen/ Dining Room
- dishes for 4-6 persons
- quality kettle, easy to decalcify
- toaster
- coffee maker
- kitchen towels
- dining table, chairs
- washing machine - preferably with dryer

 Living Room
- TV, normal size, not too small
- Cable TV, no satellite receiver ( difficult to operate)

- quality towels, preferably all in one colour, same as sheets
- bin

DSL, Telephone
DSL 6000/16000 is a must. DSL flatrates 1000 for 9,90 Euro are not suitable.
If you order and install DSL yourself, please note, that it is important to block calls to   mobile phone, abroad etc. It is not possible to write phone bills to tenants. Providers of DSL should also offer a good customer service and calls to customer service should be free of charge. We recommend Telekom and rather pay 10 € more and have a better service.  

In Addition
- Insurance - household contents insurance
- 3 sets of keys
- vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner bags (3 packets) 
- Additional lightbulbs
- cleaning utensils - broom, brush, bucket, cloth etc