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Furnished Apartments in Berlin
Those Mistakes should be avoided

1.) Being unrealistic about what is easy to rent out
Demand for temporary accommodation in central Berlin is very high, but this does not mean that everything rents out automatically.
Potential tenants make certain demands and compare prices.  But apartments which are furnished according to our guidelines and which are not overpriced, will rent out easily. The flats which we manage, are nearly always booked out - they are offered with priority at Crocodilian-Rooms in Berlin rental agency.

2.) Being unrealistic about rents
Compared to other European capitals, rents in Berlin are relatively moderate. But they are on the rise. In any case, you get more if you rent out your apartment furnished and you also avoid problems with tenants who do not pay the rent. if you rent out long-term.  If your apartment is overpriced, for Berlin standards, it will certainly not rent out that easily. Rather than leaving it empty for 50% of the year, we recommend moderate rents, and 100% occupancy. 

3.) Not buying quality 
We recommend to buy quality furniture. The better quality at Ikea is okay.   

4.) Choosing a style for furniture which is not popular
Apartments with modern furniture rent out easily. We recommend to avoid period furniture, dark furniture in small rooms and pieces that do not work together. Antique furniture is not very popular, neither are oriental carpets. The apartment should not look too cold and neutral either. Some colour, decoration is always a plus.